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The Story behind BohoCity



I am Rachel,  fervent supporter of a sustainable lifestyle, summer and sunshine lover. I also love to give back helping women establish themselves in business. I've been a  Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation on a voluntary basis since 2013, helping women entrepreneurs based in an emerging market.


I have launched Boho City to help you find your dream summer dress, to go out in the city in the evenings, or when invited to al' fresco dinner parties, dance at music festivals, or escape to warmer latitudes during the winter.

Easy chic style for the modern bohemian, sourced from fair trade, sustainable, ethically crafted brands. Boho City is a one stop shop for gorgeous and flirty summer dresses, all made with love and supporting conscious fashion. It is that simple!

A dress for the summer

You love your creative side, expressing yourself through style. A free spirit, a traveller at heart, you dream to escape to warmer latitudes whenever you can, can't wait for the summer to be back in the city. The summer and warm weather are synonym of light, free flowing, feminine and flattering shaped dresses that embrace your curves nicely, you want them sourced and crafted by ethical brands as well. Imagine yourself wearing the dress with a pair of wooden sandals, having fun around the city, going out for dinner with friends. Wearing a summer dress, gives you such a sense of freedom, when you feel the sunshine on your shoulders, walking outdoors and having a sense of living the Dolce Vita, with not a care in the world. What would we be without dresses to wear for the Summer?

Boho City makes finding a summer dress fun and easy; Boho City sells summer dress all year round. The dresses are bold, colourful, with unique prints, away from uniformity and conformity. They are perfect to pack for your holidays. You can complete your creative look with beautiful bags and jewellery. By choosing a dress at Boho City you will not only wear a dress that reflects your style and personality but also your values!

Why Fair Trade?

Becoming a fervent supporter of ethical fashion did not just happen overnight. Growing up in France in the 70's, was a time of laid back simplicity, an attitude of freedom to create, be unique and embrace freestyle. I remember the pleasant feel of free flowing dresses we used to wear during, Spring and Summer. At the time we did not really care how the dresses were made. Child labour or extreme working conditions did not even struck our mind, the clothes we bought were still mainly manufactured in the country we lived in and the shops only had a change of season for Spring/ Summer or Autumn/Winter.

When did we go completely crazy with fast fashion? I love the idea that by working with fair trade brands we can make a difference. When you buy a summer dress at Boho City, you are also supporting communities, giving them back, economic power.

10 Things you did not know about Rachel

  • Most amazing places I have visited: Mumbai, I love the energy, the incredible buzz, the colours and the people. The quaint charm of Havana. 
  • Amazing food experience: Santa Maria Pizzeria LondonW5, Pizza Like in Napoli!
  • Charity I support: I am the proud sponsor of a little girl in Africa via Plan
  • Charity I am actively involved with: Business Mentor for Cherie Blair foundation helping women entrepreneurs
  • Can't resist: dark chocolate (70% at least) and red wine, I love good coffee yirgacheffe is my favorite.
  • Started: Yoga  6 years ago and have not looked back since
  • Places I could go on weekends non-stop: Barcelona and Marseille
  • Favourite Beach:  St Cyprien-Plage (France)
  • Dream of making: a difference in Women's life
  • Favourite shoes brand: Chie Mihara


Buy risk-free, I offer a no questions asked 28 days return policy, give a us try, sign up for the mailing list and get 10% on your first order! Get in touch with Rachel, if you have any questions via