Winter Walks to brave the cold and set new goals for 2017 - Boho City London

Winter Walks to brave the cold and set new goals for 2017

by Rachel Davies December 12, 2016

Winter Walks to brave the cold and set new goals for 2017

Winter walks self reflection to set goals for 2017

Transitioning from summer to winter for a summer lover feels extreme! If I would prefer living in a country where summer is on all year round, I'm determined to making the most of the cooler season, though! Residing in London, I've come to terms that, days are getting shorter (only until December 21st hurray) and temperatures will drop considerably. Not everything is to hate about Winter, don't you love the Christmas atmosphere with all the sparkles in town? Bring on crisp, clear days, mulled wine, a hot chocolate waiting for you at the end of a walk and a Sunday pub lunch!  The cold season is a time that helps reflection and self-contemplation, all we want when it is cold outside is to hibernate under the duvet and keep warm inside.

What if you braved the cold and went out very early morning before leaving the house for work, doing some 30 minutes brisk walking? Sounds crazy? It will be hard at first to get up 45 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time. Set this special time allocation in your agenda as personal time.

If you don’t feel brave enough to go outside, try yoga, journaling, reading, dedicate this time to give yourself space for setting your goal for 2017, let this time of self-reflection be a pop-up board for ideas, make room for self-expression, changes you want to bring into your life. Embrace whatever comes to mind, be aware if nothing comes up just enjoy the moment and keep doing it. This dedicated time for you to put a halt thinking about the family food shopping list or work issues. This small break in your daily routine will sparkle your creativity about visualising the new year.

Write down the ideas as soon as you come home from your walk. Dedicate a specific notebook for that and start making a plan for 2017. After a few grumpy mornings where you might feel too tired to get up for your morning walk, you will look forward to your daily me time moment. 

Let me know in the comments how you are getting along, did it help you to set a clearer sense of direction for 2017?


Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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