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Which Fairtrade Brands are you supporting?

by Rachel Davies March 07, 2016

Which Fairtrade Brands are you supporting?

Broderie Anglaise White blouse by Gabrielle Parker
At Boho City we are very proud to feature brands and suppliers that are committed to ethical work values sharing our ethos about fair trade practices and sustainability impact. Each brand featured in our shop has a typical story. The woman behind Mata Traders, Maureen Dunn wanted to make a difference in the way she was sourcing product for her shop, her first commitment was to make sure the producers she was sourcing from would give a fair wage to their workers. The dress collection we have selected from Mata Traders are created out of cotton farmed in sustainable way , dyed with traditional method, painted with block printing and hand embroidered, no mass production methods here. We love the Mata Traders dressed because they are vintage inspired with a boho chic vibe and of beautiful quality
Gabrielle Parker is one of our favourite designers, her beautiful fair trade clothing and accessories crafted from gorgeous natural fabric like cotton voile. While the majority of fashion brands are all about turning a profit, Gabrielle Parker’s genuine passion for clothing with a conscience is incredibly refreshing, their dresses are made by a small family business in India which they have been working with for the last ten years.
Crafted in India, Patchouli Fair’s colourful garments draw on the traditional skills of Indian artisans while injecting work and financial stability into the local community. Furthermore, the brand regularly inspects its factories to ensure that their workers are being treated with fairness and respect. Ethical and enchanting, we just can’t get enough of their beautiful Boho wrap dresses!
We are already planning to add more fair trade and ethical brands for our next Spring Summer collection so keep posted, which brands do you support? Which ones would you like added to our collection? We would love to hear from you.

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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