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Ways to cope with shorter daylight days

by Rachel Davies November 07, 2016

Ways to cope with shorter daylight days

There's a lot to celebrate about winter, cashmere jumpers, snuggly duvets, hot chocolate, the smell of a baked cake in the kitchen, gluhwein, gingerbread; fireplaces cosy pubs after a walk, the list is endless.

What you might find difficult to cope with are shorter days, even more so in the UK where the sun sets at 3:50 pm in December. I am glad that we're celebrating Christmas in this country with all the shiny lights in town to compensate for the darkness, I know it might not be the best use of electricity, hopefully the lights used are all LED by now.

Here are five ways to enlighten your day and compensate for the loss of daylight

  • Change your bedtime and get up earlier to make most of the daylight, you will have to suffer a bit and try to go to bed earlier, in December the sun rises from 07.44 to 3.50pm plan your day according to the daylight.
  • Buy a Lumie alarm clock, what better ways to get up in the morning than being woken up by increasing light, its all benefit for your melatonin.
  • Do some exercise in the morning, if you got time to go for a run, a swim or just 15 minutes yoga. Exercise will give your body a gentle wake. With darker days you might want to snuggle up and do nothing, but exercise will keep your serotonin levels on the rise, you also might have more will power in the morning than going out in the dark after a day at work!
  • Make the most of your weekend with some baking, it's dark after 4 pm lets bake some cake instead of being out and enjoy an old movie on the TV during Tea time with the family. How many times do we settle down on the sofa as a family? It's getting harder with older kids, though if they don't want to join you, bake some lovely cakes, give them the opportunity to sit down with you and share a conversation.
  • Book a destination trip in the Southern hemisphere where you will enjoy summer time while the rest of the planet is bathing in the dark. 
How do you cope with the lack of light in winter? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments.

PS.Make sure you've got your vitamin D tested, you need at least ten daily minutes of sunshine exposure, I couldn't believe how low my levels were after last winter!

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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