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Summer Love

by Rachel Davies July 26, 2016

Cherries the epitome of summerA bowl of cherry is the epitome of summer. Hot weather grazing, lying down on a deck chair in the garden or under an umbrella at the beach. I am a compulsive cherry eater; once I start I can't stop eating them. I don't get how cherries have become so expensive, though, a real item of luxury £40.00 the kilo? How do they pick cherries with golden gloves? Cherries are the real symbol of summer, imagine walking around in the garden, climbing the cherry tree and spending the whole afternoon eating cherries, feeling so bloated as a result, so much fun, though. I love the cracking sound of biting a cherry, the juice drooling along your chin, trying not to stain your beautiful white dress while standing in the tree. I remember afternoons outside the kitchen sitting at the al fresco dinner table pitting cherries to make jam, conserves or bake a cherry clafouti, resisting, eating half of them. How many of us are still doing that? I guess our modern lives have gone into the way, would you rather spend 2 hours on a computer than pitting cherries? If we had the choice, I guess we would much prefer walking barefoot on the grass, carrying cherries from the tree to the table, throwing the pit under the arbour, sipping lemonade and confiding about your latest life lessons with your mum and grandmother. Summer is my favourite season; it is time to dress light, learn to walk barefoot again, swim and dive into lakes, the sea or the outdoor swimming pool at the local Lido, get soaked with the hose pipe whatever, it is the season that brings out simplicity and our inner child. We go back to basics, enjoy dinners al fresco, cook on the barbeque, stay out late to enjoy every glimpse of the sunshine and the cooling summer breeze in the evening once the sun has set which gives us a great holiday feel! What is summer for you?  If you like this post, please share it. PS. Mad about cherries, carry them around with you with a cherry printed tote bag

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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