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Spotlight On: Patchouli Fair

by Rachel Davies March 13, 2017

Spotlight On: Patchouli Fair


Patchouli Fair is among our favourite brands that we stock here at Bohocity. So, we’re excited to share a little bit more about their history, ethos, and style in our next instalment of the ‘Spotlight On’ series!


The unique brand was created 10 years ago, after the wonderful founder spent time backpacking around India and Nepal. The business initially started out selling wall-hangings at festivals but has since transformed into an all-encompassing brand that we love. Patchouli Fair don’t just offer ethical clothing, they have also carried on with their background in wall-hangings and other home accessories.

The lively brand is, like all of the designers we stock at Bohocity, strongly dedicated to the fair trade movement. The policies at Patchouli Fair promote good and safe working conditions; no discrimination in the workplace; good level of healthcare for all workers; the use of sustainable materials; and fair wages. This is an ethos that we’re also committed to here at Bohocity, so we felt instantly connected to Patchouli Fair when we discovered their range.


Patchouli Fair describe themselves as ‘fair trade and feminine vintage’ and that really sums up their whole style and ethos. They create really fun, flirty, feminine dresses that look great on any body shape. Whether you want a short tea dress, like this gorgeous pink and peach floral piece, or something a little longer, such as this dramatic wrap-around maxi, there will be something you love in their collection. We think their style is simply stunning as it combines bright, vibrant colours with gorgeous floral prints.

Why we love Patchouli Fair

Patchouli Fair offer dresses that are vintage classics, with a little extra flair thrown in for good measure. Their clothing is never dull and always gorgeous. The founder herself describes the line as ‘romantic, bohemian, enchanting, gorgeous and colourful’ and we couldn’t agree more!

We also love Patchouli Fair’s fair trade policies. Policies such as theirs ensure that all workers involved in the designing and manufacture of their clothes is guaranteed safe working conditions and fair pay. This is something that we’re passionate about here at Bohocity, and we hope you will be too after hearing more about Patchouli Fair.

You can find the Patchouli Fair dresses that we sell here.

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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