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Slow Fashion

by Rachel Davies October 03, 2016

Slow Fashion

[caption id="attachment_5705" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Matatraders Artisan Image courtesy © Mata Traders[/caption] At Boho City, I am all for "seize the movement" and endorsing Slow Food and Fashion. I want the dress and accessories you buy to last for more than one season and be ethically crafted, you can wear them for more than once, not only because the print or shape is in fashion. My aim is to promote brands with meaning, giving back and making a difference to people who made your clothes. Let's talk a bit more about slow fashion, so what is it all about? Slow fashion is based on the same movement as slow food which was launched in Rome to protest against fast food. What started with food has grown into a slow design, parenting, and fashion movements. Today, many clothes are constructed overseas using inferior quality materials that quickly fall apart. To contrast, the slow fashion movement, in tandem with fair trade efforts, is working to combat industry ills. To oppose fast fashion, choose recycled, vintage styles, purchase for quality over quantity, and when possible, invest in longer-lasting pieces in order to reduce your carbon footprint, slow fashion is based on ten principles"
  • Seeing the big picture this means thinking about the impact at a larger scale
  • Slowing down consumption by reducing the use of raw material
  • Diversity encouraging diverse and alternative business models
  • Respecting people, supporting ethical work practice
  • Acknowledging human needs offering fashion with a story behind it
  • Building relationships by promoting collaboration and supporting businesses
  • Resourcefulness, on the look out for local materials and resources
  • Maintaining quality and beauty we are a great supporter of this one, providing classic designs that will last for more than one season
  • Profitability, make sure that the people we retail our items from getting a fair share and decent pay for their work
  • Practising consciousness again we greatly support this one! Making a decision based on personal passions and awareness.
Do you agree? We would like to hear your thoughts about slow fashion, does it make sense for you?

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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