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Get back into wonderland - See the world through the eyes of a 7 year old

by Rachel Davies January 23, 2017

Get back into wonderland - See the world through the eyes of a 7 year old


Have you ever wondered why time seems to fly, as we get older? The days, the years just seems to pass by without any visible changes, creating anxiety about getting older, not having enough time left for new projects.

Let's stop for a moment. Do you remember how everything seemed so new when you were a kid, every little thing, learning French, visiting a painting exhibition something new, travelling to the sea for the first time, dipping bread into olive oil and balsamic vinegar, created endless enthusiasm and fun.

When did we stop having fun learning and discovering?

We tend to become more critical as we get older we compare all new experiences against older ones, with an adamant voice analysing and comparing, completely forgetting about having fun in the process.

Our time is so precious that we want to know if every new experience is going to be worth our time. How many time did you want to go to the movie and decided to lie in with the cat, on your red sofa watching the news at ten because you felt too tired, stopped by a thought about is this worth my time? I still have work to do.

We could do the same with:

  • Going for an early morning walk (what 6.30 am? You must be joking??)
  • Learning to dance the flamenco after work?
  • Go swimming for an hour (I already feel tired!) I started swimming twice a week in the morning before work, yes you can too!
  • Visit your favourite museum in London
  • Book a weekend in Madrid with your best friend
The list is endless

Your priorities have changed; it's work, family, and your long to-do list first. You know what, setting yourself aside waiting for more time to give yourself more allegiance is not going to happen unless you decide to make more time for it!

Next time you think gosh where does my time go, take a step back and change your perception for a whole week. Say yes to everything that comes up, do not overthink it, just say YES, like a seven-year-old child who is happy to discover the world.

I don't have enough time I can hear you! Yes it means that you will have to do less cooking, (the family will survive on ready meals once a week, trust me); less cleaning hire a cleaning lady or do the cleaning every other week, for more time for yourself; involve your family with the domestic chores and share them between each of the members, (you will have to do a lot of haggling, but it's worth it!) and go and do your thing!

How did you feel? Why not following this process for one day a week, then two days a week and three? Shut down the comparison with every previous experience, discover the world in a new light. It is time to try that gliding or piano lesson. Changing your perception will help you change your perception of time and bring more joy into your life! What will you try in 2017?

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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