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Packing light for chic city breaks

by Rachel Davies May 08, 2017

Packing light for chic city breaks

Whirlwind weekend getaways are becoming increasingly popular. You can explore Antoni Gaudi’s incredible buildings in Barcelona, spend days touring France’s art galleries, or even experience all the tourist attractions London has to offer. But, whatever you plan to do, one of the biggest questions is what to pack. Here are our tips for packing light on a chic city break.

Choose practical shoes

If you pack right, you’ll only need one or two pairs. As city breaks often involve a lot of walking, you’ll need one essential pair that won’t hurt your feet as you traverse the streets. Take a second pair for romantic dates or evenings out, elegant flats or simple heels will do the trick.

Stock up on dresses

No matter the time of year, taking a few dresses with you are a great way to keep your luggage feeling light. You can layer with leggings and jumpers, and these combinations will likely take up less space than bulky jeans or trousers. If you’re looking for a few new pieces to add to your collection, why not browse the brands in our Bohocity store? There’s bound to be something you adore!

Take a coat

For a weekend break, one coat or jacket will do. If you’re going in the summer, a light jacket will probably suffice in the city, but if you’re heading out to mainland Europe during the winter months it’s best to take a warmer coat.

Wear your bulkiest clothes on the plane

If you’re going abroad by plane, it’s always a good idea to wear your bulkiest pieces for the journey. While you might get a little warm, this way you’ll save a ton of space in your suitcase.

Keep your toiletries at a minimum

If you’re only jetting off for a couple of nights, you really don’t need everything you usually take on holiday. Toiletries are often bulky, so consider taking mini-travel size alternatives with you.

Don’t forget the four essentials

These are: your passport, keys, purse, and phone. As long as you have these in your bag you’re pretty much set for the entirety of your trip. You can leave everything else at home!

Are you an expert at packing light? Why not share your top tips in the comments?

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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