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Organic September

by Rachel Davies September 19, 2016

Organic September

It's organic September September is the month where we celebrate organic; I think we should celebrate organic all year round! Don't you? Unless you've lived in a cave for the last 20 years or more, it would be difficult to ignore organic what's it all about? This is how the Soil Association summarises it  "working with nature, not against it" that's a mere concept that should be easy to adopt not so much with the pressure we are all under of making the most of our money though but that for me is a false debate? It's a wrong concept to think that buying organic is more expensive. How many times do we just buy for the sake of buying? A bargain we can't miss, if you drop all the excuses why we bought yet another jumper or bed spread it makes you realise that we're all surrounded by far too much stuff in our houses. I'm probably guilty of accumulating too much, and can get rid of half of what's in my house. Buying organic means usually spending less because we buy with a purpose, better diet, making a difference, supporting fair trade and tend to have our brain set on present mode instead of automatic when we think that's a bargain I can't miss but already have ten handbags stuck on the wardrobe. Start making small changes, you don't have to convert the household to everything organic just yet, Organic September is the perfect incentive to start switching to organic dairy, beauty skin care, more organic fruits and vegetables, organic cotton garment. At Boho City, I've started introducing an organic cotton dress by Mata Traders and planning to add more organic cotton brands for next's year summer season. We also feature beautiful toile de Jouy organic cotton bag How can you get involved in organic September?
    • There's a range of events all over the country where you will have the opportunity to taste delicious organic food, see all events listed here
    • Sign up for the soil association newsletter
    • Get involved in the Clarity beauty week 19th-25th September and tweet Look for the logo#organicbeautyweek #lookforthelogo
    • Follow the soilAssocitation on Twitter @Soilassociation
    • Be inspired by the September Organic Ambassadors
    • Switch from one thing you regularly buy from conventional to organic!

    Rachel Davies
    Rachel Davies


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