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Is this the Best French Boho City?

by Rachel Davies April 25, 2016

Marseille  is not exactly a metaphor for emerald waters and small beaches,  don't be fooled, though, you can swim at beaches in and around Marseille. This is the good news, despite its industrial overtake and becoming a metropolis, there are still coveted pebble beaches with emerald water to be discovered and these are located just at the entrance North of Marseille and in the Calanques. The best place to visit the Calanques is by taking a boat from the old harbour, the tours are organised over several hours with the opportunity to relax or swim. If you come into Marseille by the road of the Estaque you will get another opportunity to encounter a beach with emerald water and even better, off the tourist tracks.  The views from the Estaque are the ones that Cezanne used to paint. Marseille is often given a miss because of its bad name for violence,  the city itself though boasts a mix of treasures, take a stroll in the Quartier du Panier wich kept its 1950's atmosphere, let yourself be tempted and next time you are in the South of France, make a stop in Marseille and be amazed. Not to miss in Marseille:
  • The Prado Market, between the Castellane Metro Station and avenue, du Prado a large choice of fruits, vegetables, clothing and flowers on Friday.
  • Marché aux Puces -Flea Market, the biggest market in Marseille, 130 Chemin de la Madrague, 13015 Marseille an array full of items to fill out a treasure chest with a hall just dedicated to Antiques, Open every day except Mondays.
  • Quartier du Panier behind the city hall the old town, let yourself wander into the streets of the Panier, you will take a travel back in time.
  • A boat trip to the Calanques.
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Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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