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Feeling flat out? 5 ideas to recharge your batteries

by Rachel Davies November 14, 2016

Feeling flat out? 5 ideas to recharge your batteries

Does the cold and lack of light make you feel off the hook? With little energy everything feels like a chore? Its time to give yourself a rest, nature is hibernating in winter so you deserve a rest as well! Weekends are the perfect time to switch off from work and recharge your batteries, here are 5 ideas to unwind and feel recharged with more energy.

1. Join a 5K Parkrun they usually take place in a park near you every Saturday mornings, join the cohort of runners of all ages and fitness level. You can run, walk, or do both and there is no price at the end just your willpower and the satisfaction to have completed the run. Volunteers on the run will cheer you up, encourage and give you, your time half way.  Why should you go running when you are completely flat out? Physical exercise is a great way to move your body, take some fresh air and free your mind from all the tasks that have been bombarded onto you since Monday.  Even if you feel tired at the beginning, you will get  energised through the exercise and the energy from t running with others.

2. Enjoy an afternoon at the Spa or Hammam. Nothing better, to completely relax your mind and body, than hot water, a steam room or a sauna. You will feel so relaxed that you won't have any strength to do much else after your session. You might just feel flat out and go straight to bed it just means that your body deserves a good rest.  Let go of the guilt, the kids could always warm themselves some pizza for dinner instead.

3.Lie on the sofa to watch a good movie. The kids will wonder? "what is mummy doing lying on the sofa?" Don't move a toe. Give yourself the afternoon off, watching a few series of Madmen or the Good Wife, ask your partner or someone else to look after the kids, cut your phone off!

4.Organise a meet-up with friends, go out for dinner, choose a great location and place where you really fancy the food, either some pub or café overlooking the River, or a more cosy place.Talk and gossip about everything except business or work, have a laugh and connect over great food and wine.

5.It is often too easy to forget, a good night sleep does wonders. Once the kids are sorted and in bed, soak yourself for at least 20 minutes in a bath, add some essential oils, take a book to read. Let you mind wonder and enjoy the moment. You will feel ready for bed like never before, go to bed early, enjoy your beauty sleep.

When you feel completely exhausted, there is no way burning the candle by both ends, you just gonna have to accept to take time-off. Relax, rewind and disconnect from computers, tablets or phone to refocus and give yourself a nice treat.

If you know someone that really needs some ideas to relax and rewind, please share this post with them.

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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