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Escape to Summer 2

by Rachel Davies May 09, 2016

Escape to Summer 2

In my series about getting  geared up for summer, setting the right mood for farniente and lounging in the sunshine, I have compiled a list of movies with a summer feel good factor. I hope these movies will inspire you to plan for a wonderful holiday and make the most of your summertime, now all you have to do is imagine!
  1. Monsoon Wedding by Mira Nair a wedding set in Dehli with a bride to be with a secret, enjoy the Indian Summer's heat.
  2. A good year by Ridley Scott, a dream life in Provence full of cliches with a very likeable feel perfect for an enjoyable evening.
  3. Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason a trip to Thailand with the inimitable Bridget Jones
  4. Tous Les Soleils by Philippe Claude enjoy the Summer in Strasbourg with a Baroque music teacher, I never thought Baroque Music would be so enjoyable.
  5. Erin Brokovitch, by Steven Soderbergh probably Julia's Roberts best movie, set in the Californian Sunshine, tells the struggle of a single mother against big corporations.  
  6. The Talented Mr Ripley by Anthony Minghella a hot and steamy Italian summer for Matt Damon who turns nasty
  7. Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater a trip through Europe and One romantic evening in Vienna.
  8. The Beach by Danny Boyle on the quest for the Tropical Island
  9. Casablanca by Michael Curtiz a beautiful classic set in Northern Africa during WWII.
  10. The Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson a summer search party for two young lovers.
Tell us about your best summer feel good movie!

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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