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Support a charity

by Rachel Davies October 31, 2016

Support a charity

I caught up with the BBC Panorama undercover documentary about the refugees who make our clothes.

This documentary exposes the likes of Asos, Marks & Spencer, Next as potentially breaching fair trade working conditions by showing Syrian refugees in Turkey where they are not given the right to work, mostly children working 13 hours shift, producing garments for mainstream UK fashion brands.

Most of the names revealed did refute the exposure as they weren't aware of such treatments and according to them didn't abide by these practices it was uncovered that the breach of regulations came from subcontractors hired by the main manufacturers into the supply chain.

By exposing these misconducts Panorama once again outcasts the damages of fast fashion, it looks unsustainable to sell and produce attires that sell at ridiculous prices without cutting corners as one of the interviewees mentioned in the documentary. The brands confirmed that the samples found in these workshops did not signify that their clothes were produced there. On the other hand, this documentary also shows that unfortunately without this type of work the children hired wouldn't eat, I think this is a dilemma these kids do not have the luxury to have! One positive that came from this documentary is the gesture of one retailer committing to support refugee children to help them to be able to continue their education. If we can't change the world in one go let's do it in small steps, I do hope that this documentary will encourage more thinking on how to make fashion more ethical and that other large retailers will follow suit with this initiative, these kids should be given the opportunity to learn and play for a future with better opportunities rather than stuck in front a sewing machine for the convenience of buying cheap clothing and super fast fashion turn around.

There are numerous charities that we can support to give unprivileged children a better future. I've been helping a child with Plan since 2007.

Others options: 

Unicef supporting the core needs of families and their children, you can give a little as £3.00

Oxfam offers a gift lifeline kit to help refugee for £25.00

Care International provides access to education in fight against poverty £10 a month provides enough seeds for six families to grow the food to feed themselves 

Do you have any suggestion for charities supporting children's education? Please add them in your comments.

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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