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Books to wind away a summers day

by Rachel Davies June 05, 2017

Books to wind away a summers day

Summer is just around the corner and the sunshine is finally making an appearance! With gorgeous weather comes more opportunity to spend time outside, enjoying the fresh air and indulging in a good book. Whether you’re jetting off to spend some time on a tropical beach or just intend to spend more time in your garden at home, here are some great books to help you while away the hours.

A House for Happy Mothers – Amulya Malladi

A story that spans two continents, from sunny California to the heat of India, it follows Priya and Asha, two women with very different lives. Over the course of the novel they’re bought together by the Happy Mother’s House, a surrogate service for wealthy families, and must learn to put their trust in each other. It’s a vivid novel dealing with the themes of family, motherhood, and trust.

This Must Be the Place – Maggie O’Farrell

Maggie O’Farrell’s latest novel is the story of Claudette Wells and Daniel Sullivan, a husband and wife couple with a complicated background. Claudette is a reclusive ex-film star, overprotective of her house and her family, while Daniel is captivated by a woman he last saw twenty years ago. When Daniel goes in search of her, Claudette is left wondering whether their love will be strong enough to bring him back. This is a must-read from a masterful writer.

The Summer Before the War – Helen Simonson

If you’re looking for something a little more historical, The Summer Before the War is the perfect book for you. Set against the backdrop 1914’s blazing summer, it centres on Beatrice Nash. Mourning her father and starting a new job as a teacher at a small English school, she is drawn into the lives of the town’s residents just as the country is drawn into war. It’s a stunning book that gives a detailed account of World War I and its aftermath.

New People – Danzy Senna

New People is one of the most original stories you’ll read this summer. It follows Khalil and Maria, a biracial couple living in Brooklyn, as they’re followed by a documentary team planning to feature their wedding in the New York Times. Things are going well until Maria begins to develop feelings for another man – a mysterious poet. Every detail of the book is bought together in an ending that will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

Do you have any summer reads lined up?

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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