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A year to embrace the Dolce Vita

by Rachel Davies January 09, 2017

A year to embrace the Dolce Vita



Let's 2017 be the year where we embrace the Dolce Vita! You might think easy said while you're stuck at your desk with not a palm tree or Vespa scooter in sight wearing a woolly jumper instead of your dream summer dress! The other day I was Skyping with someone in South Africa where Summer is full on, did I feel envious? Yes, I want to be in summer as well, but hey I'm here in London and have to make the most of whatever season I'm in!

What I mean is about mindset, Dolce Vita doesn't have to take place in Rome, or Barcelona, it's all about giving yourself some breathing and creative space to feed your happiness and sense of freedom. 

 It could be as simple as, instead of taking public transport walk to the office or get off one or 2 stations earlier, enjoy the morning instead of rushing to your desk, take a different street, let your mind wander. 

What I call  "Dolce Vita" moments are these are moments when you feel in control of the NOW, everything just falls into place, where time seems to stop, and we experience an incredible sense of freedom just allowed to look up at the sky or take a deep breath without being overwhelmed by what's going on around us. 

If you try one thing this year give yourself permission to enjoy precious "Dolce Vita" pockets of freedom, tiny steps, go out of the office at lunch. Book yourself into classes, learn to cook, bake, pot,  paint, sculpt, dance the flamenco or learn Italian?

It seems hard to stop the wheel churning on itself in a world where everything goes so fast, but if you don't allow yourself to stop, no one will do it for you. Have you forgotten how it was to feel free playing as a child, the pleasure to try something new without fear of failure, without a care in the world? These days we seem either too focused on having no time or too conscious about perfection, is the thought of what if I fail and feel ridiculous holding you back? Rejoice there's a quote that says but what if you fly?

Whatever you choose to be your Dolce Vita Moments enjoy every minute of it!

Share you best Dolce Vita moments from 2016 in the comments; you might inspire others!


Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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