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6 Ways to Wear a Tea Dress

by Rachel Davies February 05, 2016

6 Ways to Wear a Tea Dress

Fitted Top Flare skirt black print tea dress by Mata TradersThe  tea dress has had serious staying power throughout the decades, thanks to its sheer elegance and retro yet contemporary appeal. The charming style has stolen the hearts of women young and old, so much so that the tea dress may be considered ‘overdone.’However, tea dresses are so versatile that with a million different ways to style it out, there is no chance of this staple wardrobe piece fading into fashion history. Whether you’re wearing the dress to a wedding party or to a casual lunch, here are 6 easy, fresh and effective ways to wear your favourite tea dress.
  1.  Add a belt
A belt has the potential to completely change an outfit: from casual to formal, traditional to contemporary and from work attire to a party dress. Adding accessories such as belts can also dramatically change figures by pulling in the waist and drawing the eye to detail.
  1.  Minimal Accessories
If wearing a bold tea dress with an eye catching print, sometimes it’s better to avoid accessorising at all. Compliment the dress with timeless heels and style the hair away from the face – you also have the option of going fresh faced and minimal on the make-up, to make the look all about the dress.
  1.  Clashing Shoes
If you want to nod to a bygone era without totally conforming, why not spice up the ensemble with some vibrant shoes. A bright pair of Doc Martens or some crazy printed heels will make sure you stand out from the tea dress-wearing crowd.
  1.  40s/50s/60s
The tea length dress has been around for a long, long time which means there are a variety of styles. The dress has spanned decades, and it’s a good idea to do your research into which decade your dress is trying to replicate. Once you’ve established a time frame, it is easy to style the dress into its natural form for a classic outfit.
  1.  Cover up
Sometimes there’s nothing better than fusing old and new. Cover ups such as blazers, kimonos and cardigans and are an exciting way to brighten up a conservative tea dress. Add a blazer for the office and a kimono for a festival; the tea dress can be worn absolutely anywhere.  
  1.  Casual Hairstyle
Traditionally tea dresses are accompanied by elegant up dos or fancy curls, which look beautiful but can also seem a bit dated. For a more casual, dressed down approach, team the tea dress with untouched tresses, an effortless ponytail or a scruffy bun and see how different the overall look becomes.

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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