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5 things you might not know about fast fashion

by Rachel Davies January 16, 2017

5 things you might not know about fast fashion


Fast fashion sounds like fast food, the idea behind the concept is the same, it's all about providing you with instant gratification not with food but fashion. To the sound of being old stuff, I acknowledge I'm not that young but still young at heart! As a child I remember only having new clothes coming to the shops in September and April; I can tell you we were very much looking forward and curious about what new styles we would find in the stores. Now it's new season 11 or 15 times a year.

 How did we come to that? It's called opportunity; the idea is to surf on the latest catwalk trends and create momentum giving the customer exactly what they have seen on the catwalk or in the magazines. It might be love at first sight when you browse the magazines, all you have to do is go online and order the dream outfit you just saw in the magazine at a very competitive price. You might have thought twice about buying it if the item would not have been available for another three months! As you can imagine competition is fierce and the aim is to produce fast and cheap so, we don't think twice about buying it! The gain of the game seems to be filling the pockets of large fashion chains, what we buy as cheap clothes have a dear cost for the environment and for the people who are part of the supply chain. How?

1. It's the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry

The aim is to produce fast and cheap, no time to consider how the raw materials are produced, how toxic the dyes dumped in the rivers are or the huge amount of clothes discarded which can't be recycled. The clothes need to be in store while the trend is still high.

2. Garments with a shorter life cycle

Who hasn't bought on the cheap, I have, only to realise too well that the clothes were falling apart after one season and that I would have to discard them.  It sounded reasonable at the time, although I like to keep my basics for more than one season. I've now adopted less is more attitude, with the idea of thinking twice before I buy anything do I need another jumper? Or I buy two of the same item that I am planning to keep alternating wear and taking good care of it, sounds crazy but I do love my wool jumpers and only use a delicate wash, so having two does make sense, as I tend to wear an item I like on and on.

3.Landfill full of yesterday garments

Fast fashion clothing doesn't recycle well, have you ever wondered what happened to all these clothes when browsing around the shops, it makes me feel like having indigestion after a large dinner, too much on offer I couldn't resist. 30% of our wardrobe has not been worn in a year and ends up either in charity shops with the majority discarded or shipped away or the landfill.

4. You can make a difference

You can vote with your feet, reduce the number of garment you buy in a year, declutter your wardrobe with the help of Marie Kondo's book the Life-Changing Magic of Tiding up and rethink your buying process.Think of clothing as an investment, enjoy wearing them.

5. Love how you clothes are made

Buying smarter means choosing clothes that are better made, and will you care for. You will feel special wearing them as did you put effort and attention into buying them, the craft and labour to create these, will reflect in the way you wear them.It's time to redefine attachment to our clothes.

Have you changed your buying habits shifting from fast to slow fashion? Add your comments below.


Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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