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4 Instagram worthy yoga poses for beginners

by Rachel Davies February 20, 2017

4 Instagram worthy yoga poses for beginners


Yoga is the perfect exercise to help you look good and feel great on the inside, too. If you’re just beginning to master the art, here are some basic poses that are simple to do, but definitely worth taking a snapshot of. The best poses are ones that move your body into unusual shapes, as they create a striking visual for that Instagram shot. Don’t forget a stunning location and your favourite filter, too!

  1. Warrior 1

The Virabhadrasana 1 pose, also known as Warrior 1, is a great pose that beginners can master. It will also give you a great shape – perfect for putting a snap on Instagram!

This pose strengthens the legs, opens up the hips and chest, and also works to stretch your arms and legs. Doing this pose can also develop your concentration and balance, as well as improving your circulation and respiration!

  1. Rotated Side Angle

This pose will really stretch your body, and give you a great silhouette for an awesome picture. The Rotated Side Angle pose will really strengthen your core when done regularly, and can even help to improve your digestion, metabolism, and breathing. It also has the added benefit of looking more complicated than it really is!

  1. Tree Pose

The Tree Pose is another simple move. With your right leg tucked against your left, and arms stretched upwards – it can look effective for that perfect Instagram worthy shot. The benefits of Tree Pose include strengthening the thighs, calves, ankles, and spine. Doing it regularly can really improve your sense of balance. Not only this, but it can even relieve sciatica and reduce flat feet.

  1. Lord of the Dance Pose

The Lord of the Dance Pose is still considered a beginner move, but involves some serious balance, making it look really impressive. Also known simply as the Dancer, the pose has a number of benefits for your body. It stretches the shoulders and chest, along with the thighs, groins, and abdomen. It can strengthen your legs and ankles, and help to improve your balance.

You can see how these poses should look, and find step by step instructions here. And, if you’re inspired by this post to take some snaps – we’d love to see them!

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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