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3 of the best handbag sized cameras to take on holiday

by Rachel Davies June 26, 2017

3 of the best handbag sized cameras to take on holiday

The joy of going on holiday is visiting new places and having new, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Another joy of travelling is sharing your experiences with others, with incredible images of all the sites you’ve seen. These days it can be tempting to rely solely on your smartphone to post your snaps all over Instagram, but sometimes you need something more. After all, smartphone cameras are good, but they’re not always that great. If you’re not content with your phone’s pixel count, here are some great cameras you can slip into your handbag as you explore your next destination.

Panasonic Lumix TZ100

If you’re heading to an exotic location, this Panasonic Lumix enables you to take great photos in even in bright locations. This is thanks to the electronic viewfinder and larger-than-average sensor. It’s a bit pricier than other cameras in the list, but with 4k video capabilities and the chance to take stunning photographs wherever you’re heading, it’s definitely worth the extra investment. You can find out more about the camera here.

Instax Mini 8

Digital cameras are great. Being able to take 500 images of the same sunset is great. Having to manually upload them to your computer and print them – either yourself or by taking them to a specialist – is not so great. If you want something out of the ordinary, the Instax Mini is the perfect choice. It’s tiny, it’s retro, and it’s a kind of polaroid – so you get your images instantly. It also means you’ll have to be a bit more selective about what you shoot – no images of your dinner or the same selfie 50 times with this one! They come in five adorable colours plus black and white, and they’re incredibly easy to use. Find out more here.

Olympus Stylus

This is the perfect travel camera if you’re planning to do a lot of adventuring on your vacation. Whether you’re climbing mountains or going deep sea diving, the Olympus Stylus will be able to withstand it all! If offers photographs with brilliant, crystal clear colours, a high-speed lens, and it’s fully waterproof. It comes in sleek black or a gorgeous cherry red, and it will fit neatly in your handbag too! Find out more about the Olympus Stylus here.

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Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies


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